Quality Certifications

At, SFN , there is a strong belief that questions about product quality-its safety, reliability & durability are best answered by product performance. To manifest this belief consequently Sigma has formed systematic process control within its facilities, as a result of which SFN now takes pride in having TS-16949:2009, OHSAS-18001:2007, ISO-14001:2004 ISO-9001:2008 certifications. The objective of obtaining these certifications is to provide SFN with the strength to focus on reducing process variation, rework and waste in the supply chain and naturally final cost.

Kaizen, the essence of the Japanese success, focused on reducing costs, increase productivity and enhance value without any expensive technological innovation has also been imbibed into our working system.

Market feedback and research are also given due importance at SFN. Product design is awarded utmost attention. Thereafter, quality control and eagle- eye inspection ensure that each product that leaves the plant is engineered to precision. Finally a network of after sales keeps tab on our products in action. With that every possible question is satisfactorily answered.

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